Armanino builds a firm data foundation for better marketing with Openprise

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Armanino logo customer successDominic Freschi, Sr. Data Administrator & Analyst, used this analogy to describe the challenges his firm faced back in 2017: “Imagine a windowpane that represents your customer and prospect data. There were things that were clouding up our visibility through that windowpane: missing data; old data that hadn’t been updated or was put in the wrong fields; siloed data in our CRM, marketing automation, and billings systems; and duplicate data all made it difficult to get a clear view of our customers and prospects. On top of that, we also had a lot of manual processes that were wasting human capital. At the end of the day, we didn’t trust our data, and that was a huge problem because our industry is defined by precision and accuracy.”

Learn how the Armanino team uses the Openprise quality data system to ensure that windowpane stays clear and began trusting their data again.

  • Headquarters: San Ramona, CA
  • Founded: 1953
  • Company size: 1300 employees
  • Industry: Accounting


  1. Delivered new segmentations in minutes rather than weeks
  2. Eliminated data silos in marketing, sales, and billing
  3. Cut data enrichment costs by eliminating dupes and bad data

“By starting with the cleansing and dedupe process, we saved money on enrichment data, and [used] Openprise to orchestrate the process of pulling data from different providers.”

Dominic Freschi, Sr. Data Administrator & Analyst

Data quality improves through cleansing, normalization, enrichment, and lead-to-account matching

The Armanino accounting team knew that everything starts with clean data, so they began by standardizing key fields and distilling more than 1,000 NAICS industry values down to the most relevant 72 values. The team also used Openprise to derive key contact fields, like job level and job function, based on job title.

The team then automated deduplication processes, including lead-to-lead, lead-to-contact, contact-to-contact, and account-to account.

The team then tackled the data enrichment process to improve the accuracy of contact and firmographic information. Armanino took advantage of multiple vendors from the Openprise Data Marketplace and used the Openprise platform to automate the process of pulling data from additional sources when the first one was unable to find a match.

Removing data silos with the Openprise RevOps Automation Platform

Before Openprise, Armanino’s Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua, and CCH ProSystem fx Suite billing systems weren’t fully integrated. It could take weeks to manually pull data from these systems, combine them in Excel, and clean them up to segment data for a campaign.

The team can now easily run reports with Openprise as the hub of these systems to deliver exactly what they need in minutes—enabling the marketing team to execute faster and eliminate tedious, manual processes so the team can focus on strategic work.

Looking ahead

Now that Armanino has established a firm data foundation from which to launch other initiatives using our quality data system, the team is turning its attention to using Openprise to automate the process of automatically loading leads from online and field campaigns. Marketers will simply drop a lead list into an online directory and Openprise will automatically clean and enrich the data.

The team is also starting to use Openprise to automate the complex task of campaign attribution to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign. In addition, the team has chosen to deploy the Openprise App Factory, part of the Openprise Agile CDP, to create custom self-service applications without writing any code. These applications will enable Armanino team members to access the sales and marketing data they need from Eloqua and Microsoft Dynamics, freeing up the marketing team to focus on the most strategic work.

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