Engaging chats and refreshing sips

Catch a wave and hang loose with MarketingOps and RevOps crew as they vibe over tasty grub, share tales of career growth and talk all things data.

Wednesday, May 29th
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Storyhouse Spirits, San Diego

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Experience the Booze Hound tour

Explore the beach town of Ocean Beach, which is a quintessential classic beach town in California. You’ll learn about the history of the area, visit the longest cement pier in the country, and learn about the culture of not just the neighborhood, but of beer in San Diego. Explore three breweries for beer tastings at each and enjoy a stop for a local favorite street food snack!

Sponsored by Openprise
Thursday, May 30th
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Ocean Beach, San Diego


Wednesday, May 29
Celebrate, Level 2: 1:45pm-2:20pm
No One is Reading Your Emails: Embrace AI for Sales and Marketing Outreach at Scale

Join Ali Rastiello, VP of RevOps at Health Catalyst, and Courtney Sylvester, Director of Revenue Operations at Openprise, while they cover:

  • Actionable strategies for incorporating AI in your workflows
  • How to keep your data and messaging safe against any computer-generated weirdness
  • The impacts you can expect AI to have on your workflow processes, your data, and your outreach
Imagine 1, Level 2: 2:30pm-3:10pm
Data Storytelling: Changing Leadership’s Mind Through Insights

Join Jasmine Chung, Director of Demand Gen & RevOps at Openprise, and Laura Marzola, Solutions Engineering Manager at Openprise, to learn:

  • Why learning a leader’s underlying motivators is essential
  • How to position your argument to align with what motivates them
  • When to create a sense of urgency to push an initiative forward

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