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Congrats to the winners of the 2019 Drivers Awards

The Openprise Data-Driven Marketer of the Year Awards (“The Drivers”) celebrate the unsung heroes on the front lines of marketing operations, demand generation, and sales operations who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in data-driven marketing and sales.

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The categories

The Drivers are comprised of five categories:

Greatest business impact

This category is dedicated to sales and marketing professionals who have dramatically improved marketing or sales business processes to directly affect the performance of their organizations.

Best data foundation

This category is dedicated to sales and marketing professionals who have done an exceptional job transforming their data through cleansing or enrichment to provide a solid foundation for important business processes such as scoring, routing, segmentation, or attribution.

Biggest productivity boost

This category recognizes sales and marketing professionals who have excelled at automating the data management processes that have a direct impact on team productivity, such as lead conversions and routing.

Outstanding business acceleration

This category is dedicated to sales and marketing professionals who made data improvements behind the scenes that resulted in pipeline acceleration. Some examples include faster and more accurate lead routing, precision segmentation, and improved scoring.

Bridging data silos

This category recognizes sales and marketing professionals who have excelled at integrating data from multiple sources and created order from chaos.

Openprise is pleased to announce this year’s winners:

Winner of the greatest business impact award

Kyle Johnson, Sr. Solutions Architect, Data, PatientPop

PatientPop is the leader in practice growth technology for healthcare providers.

PatientPop aggregates data from many sources. The company deployed Openprise to deliver rich, quality data to stakeholders across the organization in a way that wasn’t possible before—through cleaning internal sales and marketing data.

The company then brought together disparate data sources to deliver high quality, normalized, cleaned data to the sales and marketing teams.

With the improved efficiency and quality of data delivery, PatientPop increased its sales results and its marketing team decreased the time to launch new creative campaigns.

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Winner of the best data foundation award

Jennifer Morimoto, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Torani

Additional team members:

  • Sylvie Mwila-Jonath, Head of IT

Torani, a leader in the flavor industry for nearly 100 years, produces syrups and sauces that inspire beverage creativity in cafes, restaurants and home kitchens around the globe.

Because Torani engages a network of distributor partners, conversion reporting  comes in from several different sources and in various formats. As a result, the company did not have an automated way to combine the data from all of its distributors.

The team at Torani turned to Openprise to bring together all the data from multiple sources into a centralized view, standardizing measures, costs, and quantities across the different sets so it can be analyzed as a single data set.

As a result, they can now analyze both macro and micro market data, see major changes in markets, evaluate flavor trends in different channels, assess the impact of campaigns in urban versus rural areas, and determine where to focus efforts for future product growth.

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Winner of the biggest productivity boost award

Konnie Toy, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Skybox Security

Skybox Security used several methods to clean and normalize its Salesforce and Marketo data. They would rely on marketing and sales users to manually update data on an ad hoc basis. Skybox would also build triggers in Marketo and Salesforce on an ongoing basis, and conduct both major and minor cleaning with bulk uploads via Workbench. However, each of these methods was time-intensive and often fraught with human error.

While the company continues to use the tools available in its Marketing and Sales Ops stack whenever possible, it now incorporates Openprise into its data management processes—to clean lists before uploading data into Marketo, deduplicate the database, and continuously clean and normalize data—focusing on those data elements needed to drive downstream processes.

As a result, list uploads take just ⅕ the time on average, and the Skybox team has shaved the time needed for lead handoff from marketing to sales and lead conversions down from five days to two days. Skybox Security’s sales teams have also increased their productivity by 15% by being able to focus on outreach rather than being distracted by dirty data.

Skyboxsecurity X

Winner of the outstanding business acceleration award

Vivek Bathina, Marketing Operations Manager, Nutanix

Additional team members:

  • Gleb Brichko, VP Growth and Demand
  • Pavan Navade, Sr. Marketing Operations Analyst
  • Joshua Ren, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
  • Virgil Vo, Marketing Systems Manager

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making infrastructure invisible so that IT can focus on the applications and services that power their business.

After acquiring SaaS companies—Minjar, Netsil and Frame—the Nutanix team inherited new systems to manage and integrate them to its ecosystem.

The team used Openprise to set up a key integration that allowed Beam, the Minjar product, user activity data to sync from product database to SFDC. Prior to this integration, data was tracked across various systems and spreadsheets causing delays in follow-up and limitations in reporting. This user activity data was critical for multiple stakeholders—sales teams needed this to have a personalized follow-up with the user and the marketing team required it to send targeted email nurtures and digital ads. Overall, the Openprise integration helped Nutanix sales and marketing teams to follow-up and nurture the leads faster and more efficiently.

In addition, tracking registrations and opportunities with this new process has been a huge win for the team, making it possible to execute campaigns and track results three times faster. They’ve also been able to follow up with registrations and create opportunities 60% faster and improve lead-to-opportunity conversion by 50%.

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Winner of the bridging data silos award

Lorianna Sprague, VP Marketing, Mail Shark

Additional Team Member:

  • Kiley Wade, Marketing Coordinator

Mail Shark provides direct mail marketing solutions for small businesses and franchises across the US, and manages everything, from design through production, in-house.

For Mail Shark, bridging data silos between marketing, sales, and production had always involved large data exports and manipulating multiple spreadsheets. Each system tracked data differently, resulting in data that was not standardized. The marketing team could not use this data from its existing systems to segment customers and prospects, which made it difficult to communicate with their database effectively. They also needed a way to associate financial information from the ERP system with each account. After adding a marketing automation system—and the ability to do so much more with the data—and implementing a new lead management process came the clarity that each system had data that the other systems did not about the same prospect, customer or account. The marketing team needed a way to bring these different data silos together for a full picture of their customers and prospects, and their journey.

Mail Shark used Openprise to: 1) identify and link customers’ accounts in the proprietary system and CRM to get an accurate current account status for both sales and marketing purposes, 2) build a map between CRM opportunities and the contracts in the proprietary system to see real time sales numbers in their CRM without burdening sales with additional tasks, and 3) sync the proprietary system to the CRM to make it easy for the sales team to create accounts, opportunities, contacts, and contracts—automatically syncing up the records. This has reduced administrative work for the sales team, while providing accurate numbers for executive dashboards.

Bridging data silos has helped Mail Shark’s marketing team understand the true customer lifetime value by segment, see who their best customers are, and gain a big-picture view of their ABM efforts in terms of account acquisition and growth.

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Congratulations 2019 Driver Award winners!

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