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Prospecting moves faster than ever. It requires technologies that can keep pace. Explore these resources—curated for you, and updated weekly—to learn about the automated, no-code RevOps data automation solution that gives sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage.

Okta significantly increased speed-to-lead with automated list loading

Okta boosts team productivity and efficiency with Openprise
As a high-growth company, Okta has scaled quickly and found that manual processes that worked for the marketing and sales operations teams in earlier days could no longer scale to accommodate its growth. Learn how Openprise helps Okta increase their team productivity through list loading and lead-to-account deduplication.
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What Anthony Bourdain's advice and list loading have in common,
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How to solve data onboarding challenges in sales and marketing
How to solve data onboarding challenges,
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Data onboarding: a step-by-step guide to automated data importing,
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Zendesk reveals its “silver bullet”

The marketing operations team at Zendesk sought to solve a problem many successful companies face: how to manage an ever-growing database while giving employees access to the data they need. They began with data cleansing but soon found that the Openprise RevOps Data Automation Cloud solved so many other challenges that the Zendesk team nicknamed it “the silver bullet.”
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