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Tuesday, November 8 - Thursday, November 10, 2022

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The Open Conference is an industry event for RevOps practitioners and sales and marketing executives, with no commercials and no product pitches. Every session is curated to help us learn together. 

At Open 22, you’ll have the opportunity to learn firsthand from the experts on how they become the performance multiplier, network with your fellow RevOps superstars, and formulate the strategy to turn your RevOps team from a service desk to a high-performance engine!

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem, Hubspot

Scott's Bio

Scott Brinker has been analyzing marketing technology and its impact on marketing organizations for more than a decade as the editor of the blog. He serves as VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, helping to grow and nurture the company's community of technology partners. And he authored the best-selling book Hacking Marketing, about adapting software management practices — such as agile methodologies — to marketing teams. He holds degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University and an MBA from MIT. Connect with him on Twitter @chiefmartec.

Ed King

Founder & CEO, Openprise

Ed's Bio

Ed King is the founder and CEO of Openprise. He’s been building stuff as far as he can remember. Prior to founding Openprise, Ed was VP of Marketing and Product Management at companies including Axway, Vordel, Qualys, Agiliance, and Oracle. He deployed Marketo three times before doing it again at Openprise. Each time he was handicapped by poor data quality but no more!


Open 22 Starts Soon — 11/8/2022

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3 days of SESSIONS

Day One

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

9:00 AM


Keynote Address

Ed King, Openprise
Scott Brinker, Hubspot

– Ed’s opener (5 min)

– Scott Brinker (30 min)

– Ed’s announcement (15 min)

9:50 AM


Customer panel

10:10 AM - Break & TRANsition

10:20 AM


Your full funnel on steroids - Find and close more deals faster

Josh Ren, Netskope
Jasmine Chung, Openprise

Every GTM leader knows change is the only constant — But when, where, and how do you make changes to accelerate your funnel velocity?

In this session, let RevOps experts Josh and Jasmine dissect the funnel from top to bottom as they talk us through the different funnel stages. They’ll also help us understand how to automate the transition from one stage to the next and ultimately put your full funnel on steroids and speed up the conversion rate.


Getting to BETTER data - Building your data enrichment strategy

Lem Lloyd, Openprise

What’s one of the biggest mistakes when getting started with your data enrichment strategy? Going with a single data vendor—especially when your CFO looks at data as a line item in a budget.

It may be faster to sign off on just one data vendor, but the reality is that a single data vendor is not enough. Multiple data vendors provide the breadth and depth needed to realize the true value of data and provide a comprehensive data set.

Lem Lloyd will take you through:
– Correct ways to assess the health of your data
– The enrichment waterfall best practice
– How to measure your enrichment ROI

10:55 AM - Break & TRANsition

11:05 AM


Becoming the performance multiplier through the RevOps pragmatic roadmap

Craig Rutkowske, KPMG
Emily Salus, Openprise

As sales and marketing departments moved to take advantage of more technologies, the expectation has been that more tech will lead to better performance. That is rarely the case. After a certain amount of gains, the return on investment slows and then reverses as technologies and processes overlap, conflict, and bog down the whole system. Creating a RevOps performance gap.

Join Emily and Craig as they talk about how companies can overcome this RevOps performance gap and make real improvements by continually maturing their people, processes, data, and technologies and not only increase functionality but also contribute to the bottom line as well as the top line.


Untangling Frankenstein's Monster: Build your ideal RevTech stack

Coming Soon!

As digital marketing became mainstream in the last decade and a half, we built systems to leverage data to find and reach our ideal customers.

Yet today, instead of one well-thought-through platform, most RevTech stacks look a lot like Frankenstein’s monster: A kitchen sink of tools stitched together. It’s no wonder RevOps teams struggle to put their data to good use.

We will discuss how to untangle your own Franken-stack, make your CRM system work for you, and rationalize to get more out of your current RevTech stack!

3 days packed with revOps visionaries


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