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That was quite a show.


The conference has officially ended but doesn’t mean the learning and the fun shouldn’t continue. With Open 22 on-demand, now you can catch up on what you missed anytime!

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See where else can you catch the Openprise team and your fellow RevOps folks with events all year!

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem, Hubspot

Scott's Bio

Scott Brinker has been analyzing marketing technology and its impact on marketing organizations for more than a decade as the editor of the blog. He serves as VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, helping to grow and nurture the company's community of technology partners. And he authored the best-selling book Hacking Marketing, about adapting software management practices — such as agile methodologies — to marketing teams. He holds degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University and an MBA from MIT. Connect with him on Twitter @chiefmartec.

Ed King

Founder & CEO, Openprise

Ed's Bio

Ed King is the founder and CEO of Openprise. He’s been building stuff as far as he can remember. Prior to founding Openprise, Ed was VP of Marketing and Product Management at companies including Axway, Vordel, Qualys, Agiliance, and Oracle. He deployed Marketo three times before doing it again at Openprise. Each time he was handicapped by poor data quality but no more!


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