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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
The Openprise Ethics Guidelines for Open23 and beyond.

Openprise is a leader in RevOps data automation, helping companies accelerate their funnel conversions and drive efficient revenue growth. 

We pioneered the first end-to-end, no-code RevOps Data Automation Cloud to enable even non-programmers to leverage customer data and automate processes, aligning marketing, sales, and customer success teams and their RevOps architecture to deliver on the promise of fast and efficient revenue growth. 

Revenue leaders depend on us to increase conversions, accelerate funnel velocity, respond faster to changes in their market, and drive funnel transparency and predictable revenue. 

Openprise 2023: Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

Throughout this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Openprise promotes these core principles:

  • Honest and Ethical Conduct
  • Integrity
  • Open Communication
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct applies to all Openprise events, including conferences, meetings, receptions, expert meetings, workshops, exhibits, side events, and any other forum organized, hosted, or sponsored entirely or in part by Openprise wherever they take place and all events or gatherings that take place on Openprise premises whether or not Openprise is the organizer, host or sponsor. 

The Code applies to all Openprise employees, officers, directors, contractors, consultants, and third-party vendors working or assisting Openprise on a regular basis. It also applies to all participants in Openprise events, that is, all persons attending (whether in person or virtually) or involved in any capacity in an Openprise event, including in the set-up or delivery. By attending or being involved in any capacity in an Openprise event, the participants agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. 

Openprise strives to promote this common set of values and establish uniformity within the entire company. This Code demonstrates our commitment to act responsibly and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. We expect our employees and anyone affiliated with Openprise to respect and follow the laws of their home countries and of the countries where they conduct business.

The Code of Conduct supplements and does not affect the application of other relevant policies,  regulations, rules and laws, including the laws regulating the premises of Openprise events and any applicable host country agreements. Openprise is committed to implementing the Code of Conduct fairly and without discrimination. 

If you are ever in a situation where you are not sure what to do or how to act, please contact Human Resources and/or the CEO.

Honest and Ethical Conduct

We expect employees to conduct themselves in a respectful and ethical manner and with full integrity. Always strive to be open, honest, and respectful in your relationships with customers, co-workers, and others, in sharing ideas and thoughts and in receiving input. 

Equal Opportunities

Openprise strives to provide equal opportunity to both applicants and employees and a work environment free from discrimination. We value and foster our employees’ talent and diversity and ensure they are given fair and equal opportunities. 


Openprise prohibits any form of harassment by its employees, officers, directors, contractors, consultants, and third-party vendors, and in particular sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may include applying any force of a sexual nature, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, inappropriate promises of rewards in exchange for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of sexual nature. We take allegations of harassment seriously and take severe actions against anyone harassing another in the workplace or venue.


Openprise prohibits the following activities:

  • Corruption of government officials in any form
  • Payments of bribes of any kind (whether in dealings with public officials or private individuals)
  • Any business-related payment by or to Openprise personnel that was not authorized in advance by Openprise
  • Any undisclosed commissions (or a commission in excess) to a third party for obtaining any business

Anyone can report conduct they believe is corrupt to Human Resources and/or the CEO anonymously.

Gifts and Gratuities

Under no circumstances may anyone acting on behalf of Openprise accept any offer, payment or anything of value from customers, vendors, consultants, etc. Examples include:

  • Personal benefits (gifts such as money, goods, or services)
  • Free services, discount 
  • Lavish entertainment or other special favors
  • Anything else that could be perceived as, or is intended to, directly or indirectly, influence any business decisions

Inexpensive gifts worth less than $100, infrequent business meals (not more than six times a year), and celebratory events and entertainment. You are required to make proper disclosure to Human Resources regarding any gifts that do not fall under the exceptions or any other benefits which you think may be improper.


Most Openprise employees handle confidential information relating to the Company’s operations. Confidential information is defined as any information that is not generally known outside of the company. Examples include:

  • Financial information, Costs, Business Projections, Marketing Plans
  • Information, names, and details of our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees
  • Product Design, Software Code, Technology we develop (anything with a copyright, trademark, or patent), trade secrets, and design documents
  • Any information or process that is specific to the way we perform our business

If you learn or work with this type of information, you must keep it confidential. It is necessary to ensure our success. Confidential information has substantial value to Openprise, and you must not disclose it to an unauthorized person or anyone outside of Openprise (including partners, customers, suppliers, etc.) unless required by law or disclosed in accordance with company policy. If you are unsure whether the information is considered confidential, you must consult with your manager. Information about third parties that is not publicly known must be handled responsibly and in accordance with any applicable Openprise’s agreements. You should not publish any information about third parties unless you have been specifically authorized to do so.

Conversations, presentations, and communication in the workplace are part of our normal working activities. Accordingly, you are not permitted to record (in any format) conversations, presentations, and communications in work the place or venue without the explicit written consent of all participants. Online sessions may be recorded for educational purposes and use only, provided that all participants have been made aware of such recording.

Please contact Openprise’s legal department for any questions about these confidentiality agreements.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest situation may occur when your private interests interfere or conflict with Openprise’s interests. While such potential conflict of interest situations may promote the business of the company, they require disclosure and will be decided upon a case-by-case basis. The decision maker will in no way be the person involved in the conflict-of-interest situation. Some examples of conflict of interest include:

  • Promoting your personal interest or promoting a business decision based on a personal interest
  • Family/Friendship relationships with Openprise’s suppliers, customers, and partners
  • If a family member and/or friend is hired as an employee or contractor or is providing services to Openprise

You should properly disclose to Human Resources and/or the CEO any circumstances and report all facts relating to relationships or financial interests that may give rise to conflicts of interest. Directors and members of senior management should make similar reports to the CEO.

Use of Suppliers

You should not conduct and/or be involved in any engagement which may create a conflict of interest. You may engage with Openprise suppliers to purchase consumer products and services if you are offered standard market terms similar to those offered to Openprise. If you are offered non-standard terms, you must disclose the matter to the Legal Dept/Human Resources.

Signing a Contract

You should not sign agreements, legal documents, or letters on behalf of Openprise unless you obtain prior legal approval. Agreements and legal documents should be signed by Openprise’s authorized signatories only. Employees may not sign any contract and/or document on behalf of Openprise, in which they may (1) have a personal interest, (2) for their own benefit, or (3) the contract/document is signed with a third party who is a family member and/or friend and/or a company owned or managed by a family member and/or friend.

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior and Code Violations

If you become aware of any illegal or unethical conduct, or possible violation of this Code, you should report the information to the legal department. You may also:

  • Consult with Human Resources and/or the CEO if you are unsure about the best course of action in a particular situation
  • Use Openprise’s ‘Whistle Blower Policy’ to raise the matter to higher levels of management and/or the Board
  • Cooperate in internal investigations of misconduct

Senior management and directors should report any known or suspected violation of this Code to the Board.

Prohibition of Retaliation

Our policy prohibits any and all forms of retaliation against anyone who: (1) in good faith provides any information or reports any such corrupt conduct and/or activity, or (2) makes good faith and appropriate complaint regarding a violation of this Code, (3) assists in any investigation.

Any employee or person who believes that he/she has been the subject of any retaliation is strongly encouraged to immediately report directly to Human Resources and/or the Legal Department. Any claims will be confidential and conducted with a full and fair investigation.

Contact Information

For proper disclosure, reporting, and consulting on any questions regarding the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, please email [email protected] or [email protected]