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Day One

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Keynote Session

The Evolution and the Three A's of RevTech 2.0 and Becoming a Performance Multiplier

Ed King, Openprise
Scott Brinker, Hubspot

– Ed’s opener (5 min)

– Scott Brinker (30 min)

– Ed’s announcement (15 min)


Your full funnel on steroids - Find and close more deals faster

Josh Ren, Netskope
Jasmine Chung, Openprise

Every GTM leader knows change is the only constant — But when, where, and how do you make changes to accelerate your funnel velocity?

In this session, let RevOps experts Josh and Jasmine dissect the funnel from top to bottom as they talk us through the different funnel stages. They’ll also help us understand how to automate the transition from one stage to the next and ultimately put your full funnel on steroids and speed up the conversion rate.


RevOps Hacks - Creative ways to put your RevOps to work

Anna Khan, 8x8
Emily Salus, Openprise
Conrad Millen, Clari

With thousands of Rev techs and terabytes of data, it is easy for the RevOps team to lose direction, lose focus, and, mostly, lose the original passion of what got us to be the digital GTM pioneers in the first place.

Experts and newbies: come one, come all!

Join our RevOps hackers, Anna, Conrad, and Emily, as they dole out the words of wisdom for newbies (things you wish you knew when you got started!), share advanced tricks that anyone can do, and newbie advice that even the experienced have forgotten!


Making RevOps Strategic: A Rimini Street Story

Detrie Zacharias, Rimini Street

“I need to get these attendee lists from Dreamforce loaded now!”

“Where’s the report for my weekly Front Office meeting?”

“Those leads are routed incorrectly, and now I can’t make my number!”

If you’re in RevOps, those complaints must sound familiar. How do you move from being a Helpdesk that deals with hundreds of little problems to being a strategic team that has a critical impact on your top line?

Detrie will tell us how he broadens the scope of the Global Ops team at Rimini Street with fewer resources while maintaining the service-level agreements. He’ll also discuss how the centralized decentralization method helps them meet the needs of regional teams while staying flexible.


Getting to BETTER data - Building your data enrichment strategy

Lem Lloyd, Openprise
Lizzie Perry, Zendesk

What’s one of the biggest mistakes when getting started with your data enrichment strategy? Going with a single data vendor—especially when your CFO looks at data as a line item in a budget.

It may be faster to sign off on just one data vendor, but the reality is that a single data vendor is not enough. Multiple data vendors provide the breadth and depth needed to realize the true value of data and provide a comprehensive data set.

Lizzie and Lem will take you through:

  • Correct ways to assess the health of your data
  • The enrichment waterfall best practice
  • How to measure your enrichment ROI

Day Two

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Keynote Session

RevOps as a performance multiplier & CXO panel

Mike Ni, Openprise
Sangram Vajre, GTM Partners

Open '22 - Keynote - Day 2

Keynote Session

The CXO panel

Mike Ni, Openprise
Sangram Vajre, GTM Partners
Cindy Zhou, SecurityScorecard
Mini Peiris, Doma


Funnel math 101: Show me the money!

Clark Newby, JCN Advisory
Nick Rose, Hyperscayle

Why is it so hard for operations teams to express their effort in terms of monetary value? Because Ops teams often expect to simply “keep the lights on,” CXOs only notice the Ops team when something is broken; they don’t think of Ops teams as having a positive revenue impact.

But they can’t be more wrong!

Join Nick and Clark as they walk through the ways to:
– Build a simple RevOps ROI model
– Justify your technology and people investment
– Explore the different levers to accelerate your funnel velocity


Making smart re-allocation decisions: A practical approach to attribution

Tomoko Takeda, ZScaler

If you’re like a lot of RevOps leaders, you’re revisiting your budget and technology spending for the next fiscal year. As economic conditions change, nobody has time or money for poorly-performing marketing efforts.

How are you going to figure out the value of your marketing programs quickly?

Tomoko and Dean will share a practical approach to attribution through five easy steps:

  1. Learn more about what you still don’t know
  2. (Re-)evaluate your marketing and sales attribution tools
  3. Build a marketing and sales attribution engine
  4. Keep the engine running
  5. Report, with continuous fine-tuning


Becoming the performance multiplier through the RevOps pragmatic roadmap

Craig Rutkowske, KPMG
Emily Salus, Openprise

As sales and marketing departments moved to take advantage of more technologies, the expectation has been that more tech will lead to better performance. That is rarely the case. After a certain amount of gains, the return on investment slows and then reverses as technologies and processes overlap, conflict, and bog down the whole system. Creating a RevOps performance gap.

Join Emily and Craig as they talk about how companies can overcome this RevOps performance gap and make real improvements by continually maturing their people, processes, data, and technologies and not only increase functionality but also contribute to the bottom line as well as the top line.


Beyond the playbook: Bringing agile to RevOps

Ed Burton, Equinix
Lovey Tolwani, Openprise
Rey Ong, Openprise

Go-to-market approach has changed dramatically in the last five years. Where it once made sense to design a long-term GTM playbook, now the new market pressure requires B2B GTM leaders to be ready to pivot in an instant.

As its name suggests, the Agile methodology was conceived as a way for teams to work faster and more productively. We break large projects into small chunks, continually evaluate progress, and make adjustments on the fly.

Ed Burton from Equinix will share his story on how line-of-business and IT can not only co-exist peacefully but create enough synergy through Agile and deliver value with speed.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Keynote Session

The Openprise Ecosystem & Partner Executive Panel

Ed King, Openprise
Emir Elliott-Lindo, Openprise
Ben Mohlie, Hyperscayle
Ryan Doubet, KPMG
Justin Gray, ShiftParadigm


Efficient growth in your own backyard - Harvest value from your install-base

Mike Ni, Openprise
Angelena David, Openprise
Alicia Butler, SecurityScorecard
Phuong Pham, BigID

There’s no sugarcoating it: The economic outlook is scary. The cheap money and easy fundraising of the last five years are over, and there is no telling when it will return. CEOs are told to cut costs and switch gears from growing at all costs to growing efficiently.

But have you noticed that the most efficient “channel’ of growth is, in fact, your customer install base?

Join this panel as Openprise customer expert, Angelena, our CMO, Mike Ni, and Openprise customers discuss the different ways to coordinate between sales, marketing, and customer success teams. They’ll also look at how to get your customer data right, right-size your ideal customer profile (ICP), perform a whitespace analysis, and ultimately bring more value to your customers!


"Three sides" of the same coin - Breaking down the silos of routing

Leigh Ann Gilson, Openprise
Ching Chiang, Nutanix

What do lead routing, account management, and deal registration have in common? They all follow the same logic and are the “three sides” of the same coin!

In many organizations, you’ll have Marketing manage lead routing, Sales manages accounts, and Partnership manages deal registration. Each team has its own technology and its own custom logic. In reality, these three processes are better served by being fully aligned and breaking out of their own silos.

Please join us as we break down the three silos, show you how to achieve efficient growth, and share examples from your fellow RevOps practitioners.


The strategic importance of RevOps in M&A: Lessons to drive operational transformation

Nick Rose, Hyperscayle
Ali Rastiello, Health Catalyst
Ryan Nelson, Openprise

Mergers and acquisitions are meant to capture synergies created between the organizations, either through better revenue gain or through cost savings from improved operational efficiency. Yet many mergers don’t live up to expectations. The exclusion of technology and operations executives during due diligence and subsequent process changes incurs additional work down the road.

In this session, Ryan, Ali, and Nick will explore the strategic importance of RevOps in ensuring smooth integration and the ability to create value quickly after the M&A event. They will also share, from their M&A experiences, how a RevOps team can weather the rough seas of M&A with a well-thought-out technology and operations strategy.


Build your Ideal RevTech Stack using the STARS Model

Rob Meo, Splunk

The revenue technology landscape has exploded over the last 15 years. With thousands of tools on the market, constant innovation, and the advent of major suites from the likes of Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle, it’s hard to know which way is up. One thing is true: there is no singular ideal RevTech Stack.

Join Rob Meo to discover how you can use the STARS framework, originally developed by Michael Watkins as a leadership tool, to assess your situation and design the best RevTech stack for your needs. This session will guide you whether you’re a one-person team or in a fortune 100 company.


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