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Remember when there was only one data management company out there, and you got what you got and liked it?

Ringlead v. Openprise

Software vendors say the darndest things. We often see our competitors create these side-by-side comparisons where one vendor has a column full of checkboxes next to a list of capabilities, and then they don’t give the competitor credit for even the most obvious functionality.

We don’t think these are at all helpful. Where do these vendors get their data, anyway? It’s a silly tactic that just destroys their own credibility and wastes your time. We’d like to suggest two alternative approaches to figuring out what vendor is right for you:

Option 1: Read G2’s take on Ringlead v. Openprise

Take a moment to review G2’s comparison. To cut to the chase, Openprise wins with a score of 4.8 to Ringlead’s 4.2, and beats Ringlead in every single G2 rating category:

  1. Meets Requirements
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Ease of setup
  4. Ease of Admin
  5. Quality of Support
  6. Ease of Doing Business With
  7. Product Direction

Quite a blowout.

Option 2: A do-it-yourself approach to comparing Ringlead v. Openprise

If you have more time and want to do your own primary research, we suggest doing the following:

  1. Print out the list below of capabilities we think every company needs. (Note that it’s our own, very biased list. Remove the features you don’t think you’ll ever want.)
  2. Schedule a demo of Ringlead and Openprise products.
  3. Check the boxes after seeing each capability in the demo.

Got questions about this checklist or want to schedule a demo? Contact us at (888) 810-7774.

Our completely biased checklist for evaluating Openprise v. Ringlead



Single platform architecture (Did you see everything from one login?)
Zero changes to your SFA and MAP environment (no modifications required)
Dedupe leads, contacts, accounts, and custom objects
Normalize key fields
Match leads to accounts
Match leads to buyer personas
Lead routing
Account scoring (multiple models)
Attribution (first, last, and multi-touch)
API Factory – Automatically convert any data process into an API that can be called at any time
Virtual Data Integrator – Present data from other third-party apps without any customization
Derive key fields like Job Function and Job Level based on Job Title to improve scoring (no data provider needed)
Enrich data using your company’s custom field values
Integrate with multiple 3rd-party data providers and verification services
Create lead coverage heat maps (see example)
Configurable processes to clean and enrich data to suit your unique requirements
Move and synchronize data among marketing, sales, and customer success applications
Run data health checks to quantify data quality
Access an open data catalog to customize cleaning and standardization
Access over a dozen 3rd-party data providers through a Data Marketplace
Integrate with the apps Marketing & Sales use most:
Microsoft Dynamics
Google G Suite for Business
Amazon Redshift
Amazon RDS MySQL
Amazon RDS Postgres

Got questions? Contact Openprise RevOps automation experts at (888) 810-7774.

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