Remember when there was only one data management company out there, and you got what you got and liked it?

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Ringlead v. Openprise: Our Completely Biased View

Why do companies choose Ringlead? Nostalgia? Procurement on autopilot? Historical reenactment enthusiasts? It’s hard to say, but here’s a quick rundown of what our customers have shared with us about their decision to choose Openprise over Ringlead.

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Data Orchestration for Marketing & Sales


The Palm Pilot of Data Automation

ArchitectureSingle platformLots of disparate apps
InstallationNo changes to your MKTO & SFDC environmentLots of messy modifications required
Dedupe leads & contacts
Normalize key fields
Map leads to accounts
Route leads based on complex rules
Enrich data with key fields like Job Function and Job Level
Enrich data using your company’s custom field values
Integrate with multiple 3rd-party data providers and verification services
Create lead coverage heat maps (see example)
Configurable “data pipelines” to clean and enrich data to suit your unique requirements
Move and synchronize data among marketing, sales, and customer success applications
Quantify data quality in Salesforce, Marketo & others
Forecast how much your data can be improved
Web scraping
Add your own reference lists to customize cleaning and standardization
Lead Scoring
Account Scoring
GDPR compliance functionality
Integrate with the apps Marketing & Sales use most:






Google for Work


Amazon Redshift

Enjoy transparent pricing (see it here)


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