2022 State of Revenue Operations Survey Executive Report

Overloaded Ops teams look to automate tasks, improve operations across departments

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2022 has been extraordinarily tough on operations. Besieged by falling budgets and increased workloads, ops teams across revenue, marketing, and sales are looking everywhere for relief. Earlier this year, Openprise and Demand Gen Report surveyed 100 B2B marketers and sales professionals from across all industries to better understand their tech challenges and how their tech stacks were helping or hindering their efforts to increase efficiency and pivot their teams toward more strategic projects.

Overcrowded RevTech stacks, poor data are the top problems for B2B teams

When it comes to tech, more isn’t necessarily better. Tech debt plagues many companies, leading to dirty and fragmented data. The research showed that only about a third of B2B teams have a manageable one to nine revenue-driving tools in their tech stacks. However, 53% are using more than ten–and 10% of teams are using more than 30 RevTech tools every day.
Number of tools in the RevTech stack

Time-starved GTM and operations teams turn to RevOps tools to overcome manual processes, department silos

In an ideal world, ops teams would be free to focus on strategic tasks like modeling attribution and analyzing the impact of GTM motions on revenue. In reality, manual jobs take precedence, like triaging data, the top time-wasting task for an overwhelming 87% of marketers. The research showed that spreadsheet work (76%) and getting access to data (66%) are the other tasks that hamper their ability to get their job done. As a result, practitioners are focusing on automating more of their processes to free up time for more strategic initiatives.
Top 3 time-wasting manual processes

Best-in-class B2B teams look to build more mature strategies with focus on deeper account insights, ABM

One clear trend emerging from the revenue operations survey was the increased prioritization of collaborative, data-driven GTM programs, with 54% saying the ability to separate meaningful signals to decide next steps will make their GTM strategy more effective. Other benefits of better data span the buyer’s journey, from account selection (49%) to lead/deal routing and scoring (29%).
Top 5 priorities for RevOps
Collaboration is the optimal outcome, the research concludes. Aligning operations teams improves sales coordination and enables smoother handoffs between departments–a focus for half of all respondents going forward. Get the full State of Revenue Operations report with a detailed summary of the survey questions and responses, as well as our analysis.
2022 State of Revenue Operations survey

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