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Ed King

Ed King, CEO & Founder

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MBA, University of California, Berkeley
MS Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Favorite Expression:
“You can call me stupid, as long as you can back it up with data”

Channeling My Inner Data Geek:
Analysis of FAA Flight Data for SFO, SJC, and OAK to determine best time to fly and which airport to use to minimize delays.


Mario Lim, Engineering & Founder

Mario has led engineering teams for two successful start-ups which were later acquired by Entrust and Oracle. He has extensive experience in enterprise software as an architect, designer, and developer. Mario has also contributed to open-source software as a developer and co-owner.

BS in Computer Science, University of San Francisco

Favorite Expression: 
“That’s awesome!” (He says that a lot, and for good reason)

Channeling My Inner Data Geek: 
Co-owned GWT-EXT open-source software

Mario Lim
Allen Pogorzelski

Allen Pogorzelski, Marketing

Allen has led marketing at both large companies and early stage startups, including Selectica, CipherCloud, and Softchain. His CRM experience includes roles at Oracle, Siebel Systems, and Information Resources. He has also led four marketing automation deployments.

MBA, Darden
BS, Marketing, University of Virginia

Favorite Expression:
“What does the data tell us?” and “WTF” (usually not together)

Channeling My Inner Data Geek: 
TCO of a Fiat 500E as a 2nd Car

Rey Ong, Product Management & Services

Rey is a product evangelist at heart, who also happens to oversee the Openprise solution’s evolution as the head of product management. Prior to Openprise, Rey was the group product manager at AppDynamics, in charge of its core APM features. Before that, he developed a broad set of talents as a sales engineer at NICE Systems, product manager at Oracle, and project lead at Callidus.

BS, Computer Science & Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University
MS, Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University

Favorite Expression: 
“It’s never too late to realize what’s important in your life and it’s never wrong to fight for it.”

Channeling My Inner Data Geek: 
Does Chinese poetry count as geeky?

Rey Ong

Greg Caplan, Sales

Greg loves to grow early stage companies into big successes. He enjoys amplifying company founders’ passion and vision into the market. He was the first salesperson in his role at Taleo (Business Edition), Jobvite, Logi-Serve, and Addamark (Sensage). He’s excited to be repeating his success at Openprise.

BA, Boston University

Favorite Expression: 
“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” — Aldous Huxley

Channeling My Inner Data Geek: 
Willingly migrated to Windows 10 and likes it, and is baffled by his coworkers’ love for iPhones and Macs.

Derek Fung, Solutions and Partnerships

Derek has 20 years of experience in enterprise software engineering and product management. His experience covers marketing automation, platform development, and API design. His last role was in product management at Marketo, where he led the group responsible for integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, as well partnerships with strategic alliance partners.

BS, Information and Decision Systems, Carnegie Mellon University

Favorite Expression: 
“What’s the bigger picture here?”

Channeling My Inner Data Geek: 
Used to read weekly USDA agricultural reports for commodity grain prices.


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