RevOps is LinkedIn’s top job for 2023. The reasons why are getting clearer.
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  • News: Why your startup needs a RevOps leader; new Gartner survey on the top skills for SalesOps
  • Event 6/5: Analysts offer guidance for uncertain times at Forrester B2B Summit
  • Webinar (on demand): Expert roundtable on RevOps initiatives and the challenges your peers are facing
  • Ebook: New! GTM Guide to Data Quality
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Hi Riley,

It’s hard to miss: RevOps is hot. LinkedIn thinks head of RevOps is the #1 hot job in 2023 and more of our customers have a RevOps title. At analyst firm GTM Partners—I highly recommend their GTM Made Simple events; I’ve been to four—RevOps is one of the eight pillars of the GTM Operating System that Sangram and team are educating the industry on.

With every event, and in customer presentations and discussions, I see the definition of RevOps becoming a little more crisp, and the industry quickly converging on a standard job definition. This is the consensus at the moment:
  1. Keeper of the GTM metrics and reporter of GTM performance to the CxO
  2. Owner of GTM technology stack, cross-functional integrations, and processes
  3. Data-driven advisor to the GTM teams
Function #1 is the main reason why CEOs need RevOps and why RevOps has to report to CEO/COO/CFO, not Marketing or Sales. Function #2 is what most RevOps pros think their job is today and where they add value, and #3 is where the CxOs want RevOps to be in the not-too-distant future. Would love to hear what you’re seeing: reach out to me here [email protected].
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In an interview, Cherishma Shah from Guild Education emphasizes the importance of having a RevOps leader at a startup and explains when to hire, how to measure their success, and the biggest mistakes to avoid.

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RevOps has the potential to be the data-driven, credible single source of truth in how your organization performs today and its resiliency toward future potential disruptions, David Nour argues in this Forbes article.

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A new Gartner survey shows the need for strong STEM and MBA skills is growing as the scope of SalesOps expands, especially statistical analysis, stakeholder management, and analytic problem solving.

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GTM Partners Roadshow

Toronto, ON


Go-To-Market Made Simple roadshows are the best place to connect with executive peers, share challenges, and hear the latest trends and research on the state of GTM. This month, we hosted a GTM Partners event in Chicago on April 21, where Openprise customer Detrie Zacharias, director of global operations in data management from Rimini Street, shared his story on scaling through self-service automation. Over the summer, we’ll continue to be on the road in Toronto and Boston. Please join us, and come meet the team.


Forrester B2B Summit

Austin, TX


Learn how to make bolder, smarter decisions and thrive in rapidly changing market conditions from expert analysts at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America in Austin, Texas, June 5–7. Last year’s event was so valuable that we’re going back in June, this time as a sponsor. If you happen to be in town, please come say hi, and join us for dinner.

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