Word Parsing



Extract individual words in a string by position.


Field description

  • Text attribute to parse – Pick attribute to parse.
  • Text delimiter – Delimiter between words. Default is space. To change to another delimiter, delete the space and then add the new delimiter.
  • Direction of Parsing – “Front to back” or “Back to front”.
  • Position – Position of word to extract.
  • Target field – Field to write output.



  1. Parse the Full Name attribute: “John Smith” 
    • First Name: “John”
    • Last Name: “Smith”
  2. Parse Street Address “1234 Main Street”
    • Building Number: “1234”
    • Street Name: “Main”
    • Street Type: “Street”
  3. Multiple Emails “joe@email.com, steve@email.com”
    • change delimiter to comma (delete blank and add comma)
    • first email: “joe@email.com”
    • second email: “steve@email.com”


Support Contacts

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at support@openprisetech.com.


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