SFDC Manage Opportunity Contact Role



Connect SFDC Contacts to Opportunities.



  • This task requires both the Opportunity ID and the Contact ID to create new records in the Opportunity Contact Role object in Salesforce.
  • If you are updating a record in the Opportunity Contact Role object, you must supply a Contact Role ID.
  • It is possible to create duplicate entries, so checking for existing records with the same Opportunity ID/Contact ID pair prior to creating new records is recommended.
  • The output data set will contain the following attribute fields which can be used for additional processing:
    op_contact_role_errors – This is a text field that contains error messages that occurred (if any).
    op_contact_role_reference – This contains the Contact Role ID.
    op_contact_role_status – This contains the action performed: insert, update.
    op_contact_role_success – A boolean field that contains yes/no depending on the success of the operation.
    op_contact_role_time – Timestamp of the action taken by the task.



  1. Using this task allows you to associate an opportunity to a contact.
  2. Update the Opportunity Contact Role to indicate a contact is Primary, or establish a value for the contact role.


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