SFDC Manage Campaign Members



  • Add, Update or Delete Salesforce leads or contacts in Salesforce Campaign Members Data Target.


Field Description

  • Salesforce Campaign Member Data Target – Select the data target to export data.
  • Select Action – Select to Add, Update or Delete campaign members. Your selection will determine which of the following fields are present on the screen.
  • Campaign – Either select the specific campaign from the drop down list; or select Use attribute which contains Campaign ID when the Campaign ID is an attribute in your data input source.
  • Campaign ID – Specify the field in your data source that contains the Campaign ID. This field is not needed if you selected a specific Campaign from the drop down list for Campaign.
  • Contact ID – Field from the job that contains the Contact ID – required if you are adding Contacts to a campaign.
  • Lead ID – Field from the job that contains the Lead ID – required if you are adding Leads to a campaign.
  • CampaignMember Status – If you have selected a specific campaign above, select the status from the drop down. If the Campaign ID is in your data record, supply the field that contains the Campaign member status.
  • CampaignMemberID – If you are updating or deleting members, enter the field that contains the CampaignMember ID.



  • The Data Target must already exist.
  • The Campaign must be defined in SFDC prior to running the task.
  • Attempting to add or update a member using a CampaignMember Status that is undefined for that campaign will result in assigning the default status.
  • The output data set will contain the following attribute fields which can be used for additional processing:
    • op_campaign_member_errors – This is a text field that contains error messages that occurred (if any).
    • op_campaign_members_reference – This contains the Campaign Member ID.
    • op_campaign_members_status – This contains the action performed: insert, update or delete.
    • op_campaign_members_success – Boolean field that contains yes/no depending on the success of the operation.
    • op_campaign_members_time – Time stamp of the action taken by the task.
  • You are only allowed to use one SFDC Manage Campaign Member task in a job, and you cannot use the output data from this task as input for another SFDC Manage Campaign Members task. Doing so results in the subsequent SFDC Manage Campaign Members task(s) execution to response with “Nothing to do”. For example if you are processing a lead list, and there are two campaigns you want to add each new lead to, you need to create two jobs as follows:
    • Job 1 – using the output from the Export: add/update task to create the lead in Salesforce (which includes the lead ID), add the lead to Campaign 1.
    • Job 2 – using the output from the Export: add/update task to create the lead in Salesforce (which includes the lead ID), add the lead to Campaign 2.



      1. As part of list import processing, add new leads to a SFDC campaign.


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