SFDC Convert Leads



Convert SFDC leads to contacts.



  • This task requires the Account ID in order to convert a lead and automatically attach the new contact (ie. the converted lead) to the account. The same is true if the new contact needs to be assigned to a record owner that is not the Account’s owner.
  • If you specify Account ID, make sure the Account ID is included in the Data Target configuration.
  • Use the lead to account matching task to identify leads that are associated to existing accounts and to copy the Account ID as well as other account details to the leads before using this task.
  • Depending on the configuration of your Salesforce instance, you may also be required to supply an Owner ID when converting a Lead to a Contact.



This task will convert SFDC leads to SFDC contacts.

  1. Leads that are already associated with accounts and/or opportunities
  2. Leads that are duplicates of existing contacts and need to be converted before merging so that activity history is not lost


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