RDS MySQL Export



  • Export data from a Data Source to an Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target. You can specify mapping between attributes from the input Data Source to the attributes in the output Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target for any existing tables within the Data Target.
  • Alternatively, this task can create a table that does not exist if the Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target selected uses the “OP task defined” option within the Data Target.
  • As an advanced configuration, this task can run a post-execution SQL query script if needed.
  • Use this task to write data to a Data Target at the end of a Job.



  • The Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target must already exist.
  • Use the “OP task defined” selection in the Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target if a new table should be created.
  • In order to map an attribute from the Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target, the attribute must be part of the Data Target configuration.
  • It is possible to have multiple tasks output to the same Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target, so be careful to avoid unintended collisions.



  1. Push cleaned and normalized data back into Amazon RDS MySQL for processing by other downstream systems.
  2. Push enriched and cleaned data into an Amazon RDS MySQL data warehouse.


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