Lead to Account Matching



Match lead records to existing account records by matching on company name and/or extracted domains.



  • This task works on generic lead and account records. For example, it can match Marketo leads to SFDC accounts.
  • This task can match leads to accounts by using the extracted domain, company name, or both extracted domain and company.
  • For domain matching, simply point the task to any attributes that may hold domains such as Email, Website, or URL attributes and it will try to extract a viable domain out of the multiple attributes. The first attribute to return a domain will be the domain used.
  • For company matching, this task provides the option to remove words like Corporation, Corp., Inc., LLC, and others such that the match rate can be increased.
  • Remember to append the account fields to the lead records such that further processing can be performed on them.



  1. Marketing to a specific target account list which requires matching leads in Marketo to an arbitrary target account list.
  2. Account based marketing which requires accurately identifying the accounts that each lead may be associated with prior to the lead becoming a contact.


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