Email Address Format Fix



Clean up email addresses with an invalid format.


Field Description

  • Email attribute to fix – Input email field
  • Write fixed email to – Output email field
  • Advanced configurations – specify if you would like to use a different reference file than our standard Reference – Domain suffixes



  • This task will correct email format and invalid suffix.
  • This task does not validate the email is a working email.
  • This task does not validate the email address against any known email database.
  • An E-mail address that cannot be reformatted will be copied in its original form.
  • If an email address has no suffix at all, the task will add “.com” to the end of the email.
  • This task requires the use of a Reference Data Source that contains the list of valid suffixes on the Internet. We highly recommend you use the Openprise reference Reference – Domain Suffixes.



The following examples of bad email addresses will correct to using this task:

  • dole@openprisetech.con (invalid suffix)
  • dole@openprisetech,com (comma or other special characters before the suffix)
  • dole@openprisetechcom (missing dot before suffix)
  • dole@openprisetech (missing suffix)
  • (more than one .)
  • (more than one @)
  • dole(at) (use of (at) instead of @)


Support Contacts

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at


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