De-duplication and Merge Against Master Data – Identify Duplicate Records in Master Data



  • Check if records from a list are duplicates when compared to a master data list.
  • If duplicates are found, use the data from the list to update the master data record.
  • This task is ideal for checking for duplicates while loading a list into a system (Salesforce, Marketo, etc.) or database.



  • This task has similar capabilities as the De-duplication and Merge task, with these differences:
    • The master data record is always the surviving record.
    • The output records are based on the master data record.
    • You must map the data attributes from the input list to the master data list.
  • Use the “Advanced Configuration” and “Add Exception” button to override the default merge logic on a per attribute level.  Each exception can use different merge logic to achieve even the most complicated merge requirements.
  • You can use the “Manual review of de-duplication result” section to specify a data source to store the de-duplication results and then review it using the “Data -> Review De-dupe” option.
  • The de-duplication task supports multiple actions to perform sequential de-duplication. The results of each action is recorded as well as the final results as well. The results of each action is stored in attributes “Duplicates1”, “Duplicates2”, etc… and “Merged Attributes1”, “Merged Attributes 2”, etc., where the number is the corresponding action in top to bottom order. The final results are stored in the attributes “Duplicates” and “Merged Attributes”.


  • Before loading a trade show list into Marketo, check if any record from the list already exists in Marketo.


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