Contact Information Parsing



Extract contact names, company name and address from one or more input attributes. For parsed addresses, also allows an additional option to validate the address using Google Places API from the Marketplace. This task fulfills these roles:

  • Identify and parse out contact names into salutation, first name, middle name, last name, suffix and full name output attributes. Maximum of 2 names parsed from the input attributes.
  • Identify and parse out company name.
  • Identify and parse out address components from one or more input attributes into a parsed address output attribute.
  • Validate parsed address using Google Places API and can pull up to 5 potential addresses and separate the address into individual address component attributes.



  • It is highly recommended to add attributes to the task in sequential order for the best accuracy on address parsing.
  • Openprise provides a reference Data Set that contain the most common address suffix keywords “Reference – Street Suffix Abbreviations”.
  • Openprise provides a reference Data Set that contain the most common company type words “Reference – Company Name Clean Up”.
  • For higher accuracy, download the reference Data Set and enter keywords that custom fit your parsing needs then upload your custom reference data to use in the Advanced Configuration section of this task. 



  1. Parse the following attributes:
    • Attribute 1: “John Smith”
    • Attribute 2: “Jane Mary Smith”
    • Attribute 3: “ACME Inc”
    • Attribute 4: “450 Riverside Drive”
    • Attribute 5: “New York, NY 10027”
    • Attribute 6: “United States”
  2. Into the following outputs:
    • OP_Full_Name1: “John Smith”
    • OP_Salutation1: “”
    • OP_First_Name1: “John”
    • OP_Middle_Name1: “”
    • OP_Last_Name1: “Smith”
    • OP_Suffix1: “”
    • OP_Full_Name2: “Jane Mary Smith”
    • OP_Salutation2: “”
    • OP_First_Name2: “Jane”
    • OP_Middle_Name2: “Mary”
    • OP_Last_Name2: “Smith”
    • OP_Suffix2: “”
    • OP_Company: “Acme Inc”
    • OP_Parsed_Address: “450 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10027, United States”


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