Company Name Clean Up



Clean up company names. The task performs the following:

  • Remove all special characters except ‘ and – in some specific cases
  • Remove or expand words like Inc, Corp, Pty Ltd.
  • Change case to Camel Case
  • Company names containing less than 3 characters are changed to all upper case
  • Extract domain name if email or URL is found


Field Description

  • Clean up the company name in: Field that contains the original company name.
  • Write cleaned name to: Clean company name field.
  • Format to use for cleaned name: Option to “Remove words like Inc, Corp, LLC” or “Retain and Normalize words like Inc, Corp, LLC”.



  • It is highly recommended to clean up company names before using the Generate Normalization Reference task to generating a company reference list.
  • You have to option to drop words like Inc, Corp, Ltd., or replace it with a normalized value specified in the reference data.
  • Openprise provides a default reference Data Set that contain the most common company type words “Reference – Company Name Clean Up” 



  1. Change “Vodafone PLC” to “Vodafone”
  2. Change to “IBM”
  3. Change “oracle, corp. – japan” to “Oracle Corporation Japan”


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