Combine Attributes



Combine values from multiple attributes into a single attribute.

Field Description for Classification

  • Select Attributes to Combine – multiple fields to combine.
  • Write Combined Value to – field to write output value.
  • Specify Delimiter – delimiter that will be used to distinguish values in output attribute. It may contain spaces.



  • If the output attribute is of type single value text, you can specify a delimiter between the values such as “,” (comma) or “_” (underscore).
  • If there are duplicate values in the content being combined, the duplicate values will be eliminated.



  1. Combine “LastName” and “FirstName” into a single-value attribute “FullName”.
  2. Combine “Category1” and “Category2” into a multi-value attribute “Categories”.
  3. Combine “apple” and “banana, apple” into a multi-value attribute will result in “apple, banana”. (Note that the order of the resulting attribute is not guaranteed.)
  4. Combining “Apple” and “banana, apple” into a multi-value attribute will result in “Apple, banana, apple”.


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