Classification and Tagging



Assign one (classification) or more (tagging) values to any record that matches the filtering criteria.

Field Description for Classification

  • Set – Field to hold classification value
  • To – Classification value (will replace existing value)


Field Description for Tagging

  • Tag – Field to hold tagging value
  • To – Tag value (will append to existing value)



  • When writing a single value (classification), the new value will replace the existing value.
  • When writing multiple values (tagging), the new tags will be added to existing tags.
  •  You can do multiple classification and tagging actions in one task.



  1. Classify and route leads by company size.
    • Filter for lead records with Company Revenue < $100M and Country = US or Canada
    • Set attribute Account Type = “Inside Sales” and Territory = “North America”
  2. Tag customer for upsell campaigns.
    • Filter for customers that have purchased product A
    • Tag attribute Upsell Products = “Product B, Accessory A1, Accessory A2”.


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