Append – Joins 2 Data Sources / Data Sets



Append attributes from Data Source B into Data Source A using a matching attribute.


Field description

  • Append data from Data Source B to the input data source (Data Source A).
  • By matching values from field in Data Source B to field in Data Source A –  This can be an ID, email or some unique identifier.  
  • Using match method – Select Exact match, Fuzzy match, Begins with, End with, or Contains.
  • How to append attributes – Select ‘Append all attributes’ or ‘Pick individual attributes to append’.
    • Pick individual attributes to append – Allows user to pick attributes from the second data source and map it to attributes in the input data source.
    • Append all attributes – This selection picks all attributes of both data sources.  There is a pull down to select the attribute that will survive if they exist in both data sources: ‘Keep data from input Data Source’, ‘Keep data from Appending Data Source’, and ‘Keep data from both sources’.



  • This task is useful for appending data from a look-up list to the primary list.
  • This task is useful for merging two lists that can be correlated by a unique identifier.
  • This task is useful for merging SFDC account information with SFDC lead information.



Adding parent company data to sales data.

  • Data Source A = sales data with attribute “Order From”.
  • Data Source B = customer master list with attributes “Company” and “Parent Company”.
  • Use this task to add Parent Company to the sales data by matching on Order From = Company.

Add SFDC account information to SFDC leads.

  • Data Source A = SFDC leads.
  • Data Source B = SFDC Accounts.
  • Use this task to add Account information to Leads by matching on (SFDC Leads) Company ~ (SFDC Accounts) Name using fuzzy match.



  • Be judicious when using the append all option, especially when appending from a source that has many attributes. Job performance is adversely impacted when there are a large number of attribute.

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