Append Lead or Contact Details



On this page, we’ll discuss data appending. Specifically, how to append / enrich lead records using a data appending service provider from the Marketplace.


Field description

  • Select Data Service – Data Appending Service already configured in Data Marketplace.
  • Fields to send for matching
  • Number of records to retrieve – Most data providers will charge for multiple matches.
  • Use cached results from previous runs – Openprise will cache data for 30 days, which can be retrieved instead of calling data provider again.



  • You must have the appending service you would like to use in the Marketplace already set up. If you are using your own account, you can set up the Marketplace provider yourself. If you are buying the appending service via Openprise, then your service will be set up by Openprise.
  • You can decide how many matching account records to return from the service provider.
  • Depending on the provider used, the data returned by the task may vary.
  • You can set the Marketplace service in test mode so you won’t use up your API quota and incur unnecessary costs during testing.
  • The number of input / matching attributes vary greatly across different service providers.
  • The number of data attributes returned by the data provider also varies widely.


Support Contacts

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