Data Targets

Data targets are the Openprise objects that connect to your actual data for the purpose of pushing data from Openprise to the target system.  Your target system can be cloud systems such as Marketo, Salesforce or Eloqua; cloud drives such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or even FTP servers; and cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift or Amazon RDS MySQL databases.


To Create a Data Target

  1. Go to Data -> Data Targets
  2. Click on “Add Data Target”
  3. Data Target Name – required name needed in export jobs.
  4. Data Target Description – optional description.
  5. Data Target Administrators – required, only users with Administrator rights can export to the Data Target.
  6. Target Technology and Data Format – Target system (can be a sandbox or production environments).
  7. Add Account Information – Add a valid user for your system.
  8. Directory or Entity – Folder to write to for Cloud drives or Entity for Cloud Systems or Cloud Databases.
  9. Primary/Unique column – Unique ID: for Salesforce and Marketo this must be the ID field.
  10. List of Fields that are allowed to write – Fields in Target system that Openprise can write to.
  11. List of fields that can be blanked out by Openprise – If Openprise is able to write to a field, this gives explicit permission to blank out field. If the field is not writable by Openprise, it cannot be blanked or changed by Openprise.
  12. SAVE


Support Contacts

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