System Settings

From the System Settings page (Administration > System Settings), you can manage your account, view product usage, manage product features, and define quotas for 3rd party API usage in the Data Marketplace.


The Account page contains general information about your account. From this page you can change:

  1. Change your Tenant Organization name and description.
  2. Upload a logo. Your logo will be displayed on the top navigation menu in place of the Openprise logo.
  3. Display a custom welcome message for each user to see on the login page.
  4. Change your account billing information.



The Usage page displays a variety information relating to your usage of Openprise.



The Features page is where beta features can be enabled and disabled. Openprise will notify you via email if there are any beta features that may be of interest.



From the Quota page, you can establish Quotas to manage your 3rd party data usage, preventing unexpected overages. Click Add Quota and complete the form, selecting the technology partner for the quota. You must have previously established authentication for the 3rd party data provider in order to establish a quota.


  • Marketo quotas refresh at 10pm Pacific time.

Support Contacts

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at


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