Manage Authentications

For each Externally Linked Data Source, Data Target and Data Marketplace service, Openprise stores authentication credentials to access the data or service. By default, the user first creating the data source, data target or link to a 3rd party data service, is the only user associated with the authentication credentials.

To allow other Openprise users or Groups to share authentication credentials, they must be explicitly added by going to Administration > Manage Authentications, and clicking on the + sign (on the left of the authentication name). This will open a table showing the existing authorized Groups/Users and their Permission (Full or Read only).

Manage Authentications

From this table, you can add additional groups and users by entering them in the space provided. If you want to provide some users or groups Read only access, click the green plus sign (to the right of the authentication name) to create a new row in the table. Then enter the desired members in the new row, selecting the Read Permission. Then click the Save icon to save your changes.

Select the Trash can icon to delete the authentication credentials. Note: once authentication credentials are deleted, access to the Data Source, Data Target or Marketplace Data service is blocked and new authentication credentials must be established.


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