Use the Administration section to make system-wide changes to users, authentications, features, quotas and other settings.

The following options are available by going to the Administration tab:

  • Users – add, modify, suspend or delete users from Openprise.
  • Groups – users can be added to a Group to make administering permissions for authentications more manageable.
  • Credentials – control who has access to use authentications to outside data sources and targets.
  • Organizations – users can be added to Organizations to make GDPR features (if enabled) more manageable.
  • Tags – add tags to Bots, Jobs, Data Sources and Data Targets to help you be organized
  • GDPR Controls – If this feature is enabled, define controls to enforce GDPR controls upon your data.
  • System Settings – manage and view Account settings, Usage, enabled Features and establish Quotas.


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