Updating Google Drive Access Privilege

Hello Everyone,

Openprise is upgrading its Google Drive integration from API v2 to API v3 in the next major release, targeted at the end of Q1 2018. As a condition to the upgrade, Openprise is required by Google to obtain an additional access privilege to manage Google Drive with the same read and write capability.

Actions are required to ensure Openprise operations with Google Drive continue without disruption. Please perform these actions as soon as possible.

If you have any of the following types of Data Sources or Data Targets, you will need to provide new access privilege to them.

  1. Any Google CSV Data Source with the “Move processed file after importing” option checked
  2. Any Google Sheets Data Source with the “Move processed file after importing” option checked
  3. Any Google CSV Data Target that is in Openprise


It’s easy to obtain the required access privilege by simply re-authenticating to the Data Sources and Data Targets that fit one of the criteria above. To re-authenticate to Data Sources or Data Targets, go to the details screen of the Data Sources or Data Targets and click on either of these buttons:


When prompted with a pop-up for authentication tokens to use, click on the “Add Account” button:

Then proceed to authenticate to Google by following the onscreen instructions. You should notice that the privilege requested by Openprise are:

The new access privilege is the “View and manage the files in your Google Drive”. The previous access privileges required are:

Please email support@openprisetech.com should you have any questions or issues.

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