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Acquire leads or contactsThis task can find new leads or contacts using a data service provider from the Marketplace.
AppendAppend attributes from Data Source B into Data Source A using a matching attribute.
Append company details This task is used exclusively for data services from the Data Marketplace to append account level information.
Append lead or contact details This task is used exclusively for data services from the Data Marketplace to append or enrich a person record.
Assign value to range Assign a numerical value to a range based on ranges define in reference data.
Change attribute type Change the attribute type to another type with a new field name.
Change text capitalization Change the capitalization of any string attribute to one of four formats: lower case, UPPER CASE, Camel Case or Sentence case.
Classification and tagging Assign one or more values to any record that matches the filtering criteria.
Combine attributes Combine values from multiple attributes into a single attribute.
Company name clean up Clean up company names to remove or expand words like Inc, Corp., change to camel case and remove most special characters.
Contact information parsing Extract contact names, company name and address from one or more input attributes.
Date and time normalization Normalize different dates and timestamps to the same output format.
De-duplication and merge Find duplicate records within a single Data Source using specified matching method.
De-duplication and merge against master data Identify records from a list that are duplicates when compared to a master data list.
Email address format fix Clean up email addresses with an invalid format.
Email verification This task is used exclusively for data services from the Data Marketplace to verify the deliverability of an email.
Export: add / update Export data from a Data Source to a Data Target.
Export: Create Manual Data SourceUsing data in Openprise, create a manual data source (also within Openprise) for later processing or reference.
Extract domain from email / URL Extract Domain from Email / URL.
Fill empty attribute Fill an empty attribute A using a value from another attribute B.
Filter RecordsFilter records from the incoming data source. This is a no operation task.
Find unique values in string Remove duplicate values within any string attribute.
Generate normalization reference Generate a reference data source to be used by a normalization task.
Get search results Use web search engines like Google and Bing to find URLs and other information.
Infer value Use a reference data source to infer a value for attribute A using a known relationship between attribute A and attribute B.
Lead to account matching Match lead records to existing account records by matching on company name and/or extracted domains.
Marketo custom activities Create custom activities in Marketo using Marketo Data Target.
Marketo manage list membersAdd or delete people in a Marketo list.
Marketo merge leads Merge Leads in Marketo that have been de-duped using the “De-dupe and Merge” Task.
Merge data sourcesMerges multiple Data Sources into output Data Source with user-specified mapping between attributes.
Permute recordsUse a multi-value attribute’s values to separate one record into multiple records.
Phone number normalization Reformat a phone number to any of the 3 supported formats.
RDS MySQL export taskExport data from a Data Source to an Amazon RDS MySQL Data Target.
Redshift export taskExport data from a Data Source to an Amazon Redshift Data Target.
Remove junk Remove junk / placeholder values from any attribute for the purpose of cleaning or to facilitate other tasks.
Search and replace text Find and replace any part of a text, whether whole words, partial words, or phrases.
SDFC convert leadsConvert SFDC leads to contacts.
SFDC manage campaign membersAdd, Update or Delete Salesforce leads or contacts in Salesforce Campaign Members Data Target.
SDFC merge records Merge duplicated SFDC lead, contact and account records.
Simple replacement / normalization Using a Reference Data Source, replace or fill an attribute in Data Source A with a lookup value from Data Source B.
Text translation This task is used exclusively for data translation services from the Data Marketplace to translate text from one language to another.
Upload file Upload Openprise data into a supported cloud storage service as Excel or CSV files.
URL format clean-up Clean up URLs with invalid format and/or excessive information.
Word parsing Extract individual words in a string by position.

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