To help you organize your Openprise session, you can add “Tags” to Data Sources, Data Targets, Bots, and Jobs. On the Data Sources, Data Targets, Bots and Job pages, you can define which tags are in effect to selectively display objects. To use tags, follow these general steps:

  1. Define Tags – go to Administration > Tags and select Add Tag.
    1. Enter a tag name
    2. Select a color for the tag
    3. Select Save
  2. Apply Tags to an object (Data Source, Data Target, Bot, Job), by editing the object and selecting which tags to associate with the object.
  3. Select which tags will be applied when rendering objects on the page by using the Tags option on each of the Data Source, Data Target, Bot and Job pages.


  • Use Tags as a handy way to identify related objects. For example, if you have several jobs that are used for a common purpose, such as New Lead Processing, you can tag all jobs with the same tag to easily identify them.
  • Use Tags (ie. MANUAL) to identify jobs and bots that should only be run manually, and not scheduled.
  • Use Tags to identify jobs used for testing.


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If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at support@openprisetech.com.

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