Dedupe Data in Your CRM Once and for All

Dupes. They’re the bain of every data-driven marketing and sales team. They wreak havoc with your lead routing, lead scoring, and attribution efforts, and on top of that, you can end up paying way too much in license fees yet still end up with a bloated marketing automation database.

Openprise solves dupe dilemma once and for all. Openprise automated ‘bots can scan your salesforce automation and marketing automation solutions 24/7 for duplicate records and automatically merge them using of logic tailored for your business. With Openprise’s dedupe functionality, your lead routing, scoring, and attribution process will always work their best.

Identifying and automatically merging duplicate leads, contacts, and accounts is critical for good lead routing, lead scoring, and attribution.

Dedupe Leads, Contacts, and Accounts

Openprise already understands the underlying structures in your sales automation and marketing automation systems, so you’re up and running in a snap.

  • Leverage pre-built dedupe recipes that have best practices baked right in.
  • Easily tweak dedupe logic to tailor the dedupe process for your unique requirements.
  • Set it and forget it—Openprise consistently merges dupes, so there’s no need to manually review.

Don’t Just Flag It, Fix It

Many third-party data providers merely identify duplicate leads and leave the heavy lifting to you to fix. That’s not an ideal solution when you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of records. Openprise takes it one step further:

  • Instantly identify and fix duplicate records 24/7.
  • Automate the process of deciding the surviving record based on your criteria (not ours).
  • Immediately fix the problem by merging record information. No more waiting for offshore resources to take action.

With Openprise, you can preview the results of the duplication record identification and merging process before automating the process to keep your data clean.

Dedupe Any Custom Object

Unlike with many point solutions, there are no limits on what objects you can dedupe with Openprise.

  • Dedupe custom fields in Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Dynamics 365, and Amazon Redshift.
  • Create step-by-step rules to determine how you want dedupe those records.
  • Test your dedupe logic outside your systems of record to ensure there aren’t any accidents.
  • Dedupe any object – If you built it, we can dedupe it.

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