Put data to work with simple IF-THEN rules that anyone can create

Data’s value should not stop at providing insight. Data should also drive business execution. Openprise makes it simple for business users to create do-it-yourself automations using process rules. Rules detect events and patterns in the data and automate actions. Openprise rules are based on prebuilt templates. Creating a rule is as simple as filling out a form. No coding. No complicated design studio. No expensive middleware.

First, select a rule template. Every rule has the same simple structure:

IF [event or data pattern] THEN [take actions]

Openprise rules

Second, specify the IF condition to detect specific events and data patterns. Here we show an example rule detecting non-compliant purchase orders. Using the template “Sum exceeds threshold”, this rule detects when the sum of purchase orders to any vendor exceeds $50,000 within a rolling 30-day period.

Lastly, specify the THEN actions to take when the IF condition is triggered. Openprise offers a growing number of action templates, including:

  • Raise an alert
  • Send an email
  • Send a SMS message
  • Write data to a local or cloud repository
  • Create a help desk ticket
  • Call an API


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