Data Onboarding

Nothing Happens Until You Get the Data In

How do you get data streaming into your marketing and sales automation systems from third party data providers, from partners, and from hundreds of campaigns, and do it in such a way that it comes in correlated and standardized so that you can actually use that new data? You use Openprise to automate data onboarding.

No more spreadsheet hell. No more polluting the clean fields you do have with non-standard values. No more creating custom fields because you can’t tie the new data into what you’ve already got–yeah, we saw you do that.

With Openprise, you can easily bring in data from dozens of different 3rd parties and internal systems. Just automate data onboarding.

Ingest data from dozens of different third-party data providers, collaboration tools, and internal systems.

Tap into the Openprise Data Marketplace

Getting all the third-party data that marketing and sales teams need into solutions like Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot can be a complex, resource-consuming process, but not with Openprise.

  • Source data from leading providers like ZoomInfo, D&B, SNTHio, Google Places, and more via the Openprise Data Marketplace.
  • Easily swap in one vendor for another — never get locked into a one provider.
  • Mash together data from multiple providers while ensuring field values conform to your standards, not theirs.

Leverage Pre-Built Integrations with the CRM Solutions You Use Most

  • Whatever’s your marketing and sales system of record, we’ve got you covered: Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot.
  • Bring in data from help desk and service solutions from systems like Desk–no more sending upgrade offers to customers that are struggling. C’mon, you know better.

Openprise Data Automation includes data heatmaps that can show account coverage by job function and many other attributes.

Grab Data from Popular Collaboration Tools

  • Openprise integrates with the collaboration tools you and your partners love, like You collaborate with tools like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. We even work with Quip too.
  • No more emailing! Have you partners and extended team drop a file in any of those tools. Openprise will keep an eye out and upload new leads automatically.

Next: Learn about Openprise’s data cleansing features.


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