A good customer support rep should have patience, a willingness to help, a curiosity to learn, and extensive knowledge of the products and services, and access to the data they need to deliver an incredible customer experience.

Leave that to us.

Openprise automates the key data management processes in customer support and eliminates the tedious and error-prone data standardization processes that keep you from focusing on what’s important: your customers.

Know Your Customers – By Gaining Access to the Right Data

Enjoy easy integration between sales and support systems. Get the data you need to sound knowledgeable and best support your customers. Create custom rules or leverage built-in logic in Openprise to automatically and continuously clean, normalize, and transform your customer support data. Goodbye, carpal tunnel!

With Openprise, you can automate all these tasks, and many more:

  • Append missing data from multiple sources – support tickets, SLAs, contracts, and third-party data, to name a few.
  • Dedupe contacts and accounts with ease.
  • Normalize key fields such as State and Part Number.
  • Route support cases quickly, no matter how complicated your assignment rules are.
  • Segment your support tickets with specific tags to identify patterns.
  • Analyze customer interactions to detect opportunities for product improvements and upsell.
  • Clean up dirty, fragmented data to make reporting simple and easy.

Let Us Handle the Data

Let us handle the data so you can spend more time on what’s the most important: making your customers happy.

Openprise offers:

  • Seamless Integration with solutions you work with every day, like Salesforce and Desk.
  • Access to leading data providers, including D&B, Google Places, Zoominfo, and many others.
  • Consistency – Our sophisticated rules engine works the same way, every single time.
  • Speed – Openprise works in real-time, behind the scenes to continuously clean, enrich, and unify your customer support data.
  • Transparency – There are no black boxes with Openprise. You define the rules, we execute. You see exactly what goes on inside.


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