Salespeople are manically focused on closing revenue. Keeping SDFC clean? Not so much. But that doesn’t mean YOU have to clean up after them. Let Openprise automate that for you. We’ll take care of merging all those dupes; flipping those leads into contacts and associating them with the right opportunities; and standardizing all those field values so you can run meaningful reports. We’ll route your leads to right person too. Yeah, we do that too.

Accurate, Effortless Reporting—Powered by Your Clean Data

Slick SFDC dashboards and reports require clean, good quality data. Does your sales forecast for the U.S. contain 150 unique states? Stop cleaning data with elbow grease and automate it with Openprise.

Take advantage of built-in logic in Openprise to continuously clean, normalize, and transform your sales data.

  • De-duplicate lead, contacts, accounts, and any other SFDC object.
  • Normalize the key fields that you use every day, like State, Country, Industry, and Company Size so your reports and filters work like a charm.
  • Match leads to accounts so you know what kind of coverage you’ve got.
  • Enrich your data with multiple 3rd party providers, with Openprise orchestrating the whole process.

No More Lead Routing Ping Pong

Deliver hot leads to the right AE or ADR, no matter how complex your process.

  • Bypass cumbersome and error-prone lead assignment rules in your sales and marketing systems.
  • Quirky assignment rules for names accounts? We got you covered.
  • Route leads within minutes, with accuracy and ease

Built-In Integrations with Systems You Use Every Day

Simplify your processes with built-in integrations with the systems you use every day.

  • Connectors to Salesforce, Eloqua, Pardot, and Marketo.
  • Built in integration with Google Drive or import directly from a CSV file.
  • Access to the Openprise Data Marketplace of third party providers, so you’re never locked into just one.


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