You’ve got access to amazing marketing technologies, but those systems require clean data and good business process to perform well. For most marketers, your data quality and processes probably aren’t cutting it-–campaign performance is sluggish, engagement lacks focus, and execution is a step behind aspiration.

With tough MQL and Opportunity targets to hit, how are you going to get there? You need to give your team a boost by improving your data and business processes! Try Openprise to make your marketing team’s performance better, faster, and stronger.

Better Campaign Performance

It’s all about the numbers. Take Openprise to enhance campaign performance with:

  • More Precise Segmentation – Openprise cleans up your data and enriches it with key fields like Job Level and Job Function so you can target the right people with your offers.
  • More Targeted Personalization – Openprise fills in the missing fields that are keeping you from creating more engaging offers.
  • Better Lead Scoring – Dumping those dupes and enriching your data leads to more accurate demographic and firmographic scoring.

Faster Lead Routing

Don’t let leads meander through your company. When you need more than simple lead routing you use Openprise to:

  • Bypass cumbersome and error-prone lead assignment rules in your sales and marketing systems.
  • Route leads based on your unique business logic. Quirky assignment rules for named
    accounts? Multiple product lines and geos? We got you covered.
  • Take advantage of an unlimited business rules to ensure there’s no lead pinball at your company.

Stronger Business Processes

To get your data ready for advanced campaigns, and keep it that way, use Openprise to:

  • Eliminate error-prone manual data cleansing tasks.
  • Automating how leads are entered and how data flows within your MarTec
  • Orchestrate how data is pulled from multiple third-party data providers.
  • Capitalize on data management best practices that are baked right in.

Try Openprise to make your team’s performance better, faster, and stronger. Side effects of this more holistic approach to marketing include: unexpected bonuses, repetitive promotions, and job satisfaction that may last longer than 8-hours a day.

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