The supply chain is where data meets the physical world. Supply chain teams control an inflow of data from numerous sources: customers, distributors, manufacturers, logistics, and finance. Most of this data will trigger actions to keep the goods, documents, and money flowing through the supply chain. Because comprehensive automation is rarely feasible for all but the largest companies, supply chain professionals are experts at pulling together disparate systems and geographically distributed teams. They keep operations humming, usually with the help of large spreadsheets, custom databases, and a lot of manual work. But what if Openprise could help supply chain professionals create automation from any data?

Openprise data automation enables do-it-yourself supply chain automation from any data

Openprise For Supply Chain

With Openprise data automation, supply chain professionals can easily:

  • Aggregate and store a variety of operational data from Cloud services, on-premise systems, and files
  • Create monitoring rules and alerts to detect events and exceptions
  • Implement SOP (standard operating procedures) with do-it-yourself automation
  • Analyze large real time data to find cost savings, efficiency gain, and quality improvement
  • Respond to emergencies with powerful data search, trace, and correlation
  • Reconcile data from different departments and supply chain partners


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