Being early adopters of Cloud-based services, many sales and marketing professionals rely on a core set of services like, Marketo, and HubSpot. These are often further supplemented by innovative services in content, event, brand, and social media management. Correlating and normaling data across these Cloud services, along with data from on-premise systems and spreadsheets can be a herculean challenge of manual work. Even the best analytics solutions can struggle to make sense out of dirty and fragmented data. Sales and marketing operations need a simpler, more user-friendly data automation solution to automate the tasks of data correlation, cleansing, normalization, enrichment, and segmentation.

Openprise simplifies data automation across Cloud, on-premise, and file based sources



With Openprise data automation, sales and marketing operation teams can easily:

  • Aggregate and correlate lead and sales data from Cloud services, on-premise systems, and files
  • Clean, normalize, and enrich customer, lead, campaign, and sales data
  • Analyze customer profiles and segment leads database
  • Automate rules for campaign attribution, lead attribution, and transaction crediting
  • Automate active lead assignments to CRM opportunities


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