Openprise Data Orchestration Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate Dozens of Processes to Help Marketing & Sales Teams Clean Data, Focus on the Right Targets, and Scale Operations

Openprise Data Orchestration Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 automates all the painful, manual processes that sales automation and marketing automation solutions don’t typically offer, such as list loading, data cleansing and enrichment, account scoring, and many more, enabling marketing and sales teams to increase productivity, scale their operations, and boost revenue.

Openprise is a single platform designed from the ground up for CRM, so it has all of the best practices, business logic, and data that companies need to automate key business processes, including custom business processes that are unique to a given company or industry. Companies that implement Openprise are also able to save money and improve efficiency by eliminating dozens of point solutions and simplify their martech stack.

Automate Dozens of Processes to Help Marketing & Sales Teams Clean Data, Focus on the Right Targets, and Scale Operations

Key Capabilities in Openprise Data Orchestration for Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Automated list loading

  • Data cleansing for leads, contacts, and accounts

  • Data normalization

  • Advanced segmentation

  • Data enrichment

  • Lead routing

  • Account and lead scoring

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) activity analysis

  • Data unification

  • GDPR compliance

  • Campaign attribution

  • Custom business processes

Robust Integrations with the Solutions You Use Most

Because Openprise already has robust integrations with all of the leading marketing automation solutions, including Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot, and Openprise has an understanding of the roles of the underlying data structures in those solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can do much more using Openprise to complement their native Dynamics 365 integrations than they could with the native integration alone. For example, Openprise can automate the process of normalizing data and reference multiple related objects as its transported between Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This dramatically simplifies the process of synchronizing data and ensures a higher level of data quality in both systems.

Tap Into Multiple Data Providers While Keeping Your Data Clean

The Openprise Data Orchestration Platform is also seamlessly integrated with the Openprise Data Marketplace, which enables companies to easily acquire data from all of the leading third-party data providers and simplify the process of onboarding and normalizing data across different vendors. Using the Openprise Data Marketplace, companies can create their own custom blends of data from multiple providers to dramatically improve match rates and improve the richness of their data. This unique approach helps teams improve their segmentation, lead and account scoring, and lead routing efforts to shorten sales cycles and boost revenue.

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