Openprise Data-as-a-Self-Service solution is for the management, sharing, and automation of Goldilocks data. What is Goldilocks data you ask?

Goldilocks data is too small for big data technologies, but too big and dynamic for spreadsheets. Goldilocks data is just the right size to be properly obnoxious.

What are some of the characteristics of Goldilocks data?

  • It is dynamic data, with new data emerging every seconds to days. New data availability is frequent enough to make it painful for manual data collection and processing.
  • It is pretty big data, in the range of megabytes to terabytes, in the range of thousands to billions of data records. The data is big enough that working with it using spreadsheet is painful to impossible.
  • It is important data that drives day-to-day operations, but may not be considered “strategic” data or “sexy” data, so it doesn’t get the attentions from executives and money from the IT budget.

Goldilocks data is everywhere in your organization and it is growing fast in number. Where does Goldilocks data come from?

  • Cloud data – Companies are trending away from using a monolithic on-premise business applications to using a number of cloud based services. Each cloud service generates a set of Goldilocks data.
  • Mobile data – Companies are building more and more mobile apps. Each mobile app generates a set of Goldilocks data.
  • Partner data – Both channel and vendor partners share data in every imaginable format. This is often Goldilocks data.
  • Archive data – Every merger and acquisition and every IT system change generates legacy data that need to be archived for both legal and business reasons. This must-keep-available data is Goldilocks data.
  • Machine data – Machine data is increasingly part of the business, whether smart devices, smart fleet, or smart facilities. The Internet of Things generates a lot of Goldilocks data.

Do you work with Goldilocks data? Here are a few signs that you do:

  • You spend 30 minutes to 2 days a week performing mind-numbing data related work
  • You own a monster spreadsheet that is too big to email
  • You have so many macros in the spreadsheet that no one knows exactly what the spreadsheet does, maybe not even you
  • When you are working with your data, you spend a lot of time starring at the hour glass (or the spinning beach ball for the Mac users)
  • You say “C’mon”, “hurry up”, or curse at your computer a lot when you work with your data

If you work with Goldilocks data, Openprise can help you. Get a free account today and let us give you back your life and your sanity.

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